Aparthotels in Alicante
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Find out what there is to see and do whilst in Alicante

At Palacio Homes we want you to enjoy the tourist attractions Alicante has to offer. Therefore, we have prepared this section, where we will help you find the best sights to visit during your holidays in our city.

Here you will find everything you need to know about the tourist offers nearby: leisure, shopping centres, the best beaches, restaurants and trendy nightclubs that you are able to find.

When you are finished reading this page, you will be left doubtless from all the attractions this city has to offer. We’ll be waiting for you!

Get to know Alicante

In terms of leisure, Alicante will without a doubt leave you satisfied. Here you will be able to do what you please, as the range of activities is practically infinite. At Castaños Street you will encounter, apart from restaurants, a countless choice of bars, pubs and nightclubs of all sorts, where you will be able enjoy a meal outside and to experience the unmatched Alicante atmosphere.

You could make your way to ‘‘El Barrio’’ later on, which is just a few minutes away across from ‘‘La Rambla de Méndez Núñez’’, or towards the Port, an area known for it’s nightlife in Alicante.

Where to eat in Alicante

Mapa dónde comer

The restaurants in Alicante will certainly not disappoint, the supply is so abundant you could relish from a great pizza from Sale&Pepe to an unforgettable flavourful dish from Miss Sushi.

Discover many more restaurants in Alicante in: Páginas Amarillas y Google.es

Alicante's best beaches

If there’s one thing Alicante is know for, is its beaches. It is possible to enjoy the beaches for a long period of time, usually between from April until October due to the Mediterranean weather.

Depending on your preference, you could choose between a central and urban beach like El Postiguet or an intimate paradise-like beach like Las Calas del Cabo.

If you decide to stay in the centre, the beach is within walking distance and others could be reached through a brief journey on the tram.

Mapa playas de Alicante

Leisure in Alicante

On the other hand, if you prefer sightseeing and shopping, you will have a wonderful time visiting the many shopping centres situated in Alicante. From Plaza Mar 2 you will be able to see the sunset into the ocean, from Panoramis you can enjoy the sun by the port and you could get lost shopping inside Gran Via.

Logo Plaza Mar 2
Logo Plaza Mar 2
Logo Plaza Mar 2

Additionally, there is a huge number of activities and events for children in the centre of Alicante and in the neighbouring villages. The little ones will also have a recollection of this city.

Cultural agenda in Alicante

The cultural agenda in Alicante is of the most catching aspects of the city. The fact that Alicante has several museums and theatres means you can enjoy those. Likewise, you are able to find venues where you can enjoy concerts of contemporary music as well as art exhibitions.

These are a few of the most representative places to visit during your stay:

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Transport in Alicante

You should not be worried about the transportation in Alicante as its public transport system is well connected. The central areas provide many taxi points whereas, if you plan on going to close beaches, you can make your way on a bus or tram.

Nearby taxi zones

Mapa Transportes